About Palash Ahamed

Palash Ahamed

Name : Palash Ahamed

Father’s Name : Khorshed Alam

Designation : Executive (Admin) HRM

Join Date: 1st November 2018

E-mail: palash@sunrise-it.net


Mr. Palash Ahamed Son of Khorshed Alam is a good employee of our organization. He has been working with us from 1 st -Nov-2018 to till as an Executive (Admin) under the department of Human Resource Management.

Mr. Palash Ahamed is performing his duties up to his best effort during his work. He bears lot of responsibilities. He is very co-operative and always conducting good communication style in our organization.

As a Managing Director of (SUNRISE SOFTWARE & SOLUTIONS) I recommend Mr. Palash Ahamed to any organization without heaving any hesitation.